Dreaming of Deep Blue & Great White Shark Dives

Deep Blue

Great White Sharks have always fascinated us, and we were amazed at the recent footage of Deep Blue, the 20-foot-long Great White that Maurico Hoyos Padilla of Pelagios Kakunja filmed off the western coast of Mexico. The Deep Blue story has us once again dreaming of doing a cage dive. If you share that dream, check out this quick list of outfits that run trips to view Great Whites.

Shark Diver
Great White Shark Diving—Isla Guadalupe (departs from San Diego): 5-day trip = $3,100
Contact: 855-987-4275; 619-887-4275; [email protected]

Conservation work: “Shark Diver was the first commercial shark diving company in the USA to initiate, develop and support Mexican shark research efforts with white sharks at Isla Guadalupe. Since then we have gone on to initiate strong global shark conservation programs like The Shark-Free Marinas Initiative in tandem with our Tiger operations sites in the Bahamas.” Source: Shark Diver website

White Shark Ventures
Great White Shark diving —Dyer Island, South Africa: 2-day shark dive = $308; 3-day shark dive = $465; 4-day shark dive = $621; 5-day shark dive = $758
Contact: Phone +27 21 532 0470; fax: +27 21 532 0471; [email protected]

Conservation work: “Our tours are 100% eco-friendly and we refrain from using anything other than natural products to attract the sharks. Utter care is taken when handling the sharks, ensuring that they are not harmed or unduly disturbed in any way.

Our Tour Guide daily collects data on the size, sex, scar markings and times that sharks are sighted. Areas visited and where sharks have been encountered are plotted on our Global Positioning System, and all data forwarded to Marine and Coastal Management in Cape Town, for further analysis. This information is also made available to scientists.” Source: White Shark Ventures website

Great White Adventures
Farralon Islands (west of San Francisco): 1 cage dive = $775
Isla Guadalupe (departs from San Diego): 3 days of cage diving = $2,995
Contact: 888-255-1528; 510-808-4499; [email protected]

Conservation work: “GWA strongly supports environmental responsibility on all our shark diving eco-tours. As ambassadors between the general public and the world of sharks, we strive to dispel the myths and misinformation that’s often associated with these amazing animals. In return, we endeavor to provide our customers with a fun, exciting, educational and safe (for both human and shark) experience. We believe that responsible eco-tourism will help provide a positive step towards protecting these fascinating and often maligned creatures. GWA is a proud that we’re often called upon as a source of assistance for a variety of shark related scientific studies.” Source: Great White Adventures website

And, in honor of Deep Blue, here’s footage of this amazing shark…

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