Adventure Tour Co. Lets You Name Your Trip Price

Are you dying to escape for a guided adventure but putting it off due to the cost? You might want to check out Bonvoy Adventure Travel, which is now offering flexible pricing for six-day multisport trips that include hiking, biking, rafting, climbing, canyoneering, ATV riding and camping in the United States.BendOregon_bike_sm

“Some people really want to escape the daily grind, unwind and have an unforgettable vacation, but sometimes the price gets in the way,” says Sean Jackson, founder and CEO of Bonvoy Adventure Travel. “We want to give everyone the opportunity to travel with us – at the price they feel they can afford.”

The company suggests a certain per-person rate for a trip, but clients can request a discount. When clients visit the reservation page on the company website, they can review trip itinerary, choose a date, see the costs related to the trip (including the company’s markup) and the asking price.

For example, a six-day Moab Outdoor Adventure has a hard cost of $1,099 (including guide costs, equipment, transportation, food/beverage and lodging). The markup is 65 percent, and the final trip price is $1,813.

After reviewing trip details and picking a date, clients click the “Book This Adventure” button and proceed to a page where they can apply flex pricing by requesting a discount in $50 intervals, up to $1,000. At checkout, the discount is deducted from the price.

For 2014 information and trip reservations please call 1-212-542-0735, or visit

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