Columbia Gorge Teen Camps: Climbing Campers Wanted

When we went to summer camp, climbing wasn’t even on the radar, so we spent more time than necessary pounding our names into leather and weaving lariats. Obviously, we were born too soon. Word comes of a residential summer camp with a specialization in rock climbing and mountaineering exclusively for teens, ages 14 to 17. A new resident camp located in the Columbia Gorge east of Portland, Ore., is offering 10-day and 14-day sessions this month devoted to the fine art of climbing.

It has a cooperative relationship with Professional Climbers International, which is bringing a top climber to each session – Kevin Jorgeson will be at the 10-day session and Beth Rodden at the 14-day session. The Teen Climbing Camp will be based at Lyle High School, in Lyle, Washington, on the Columbia River, and each day, students will go to a different climbing area in the Gorge for instruction and hands-on training.

The camp is the inspiration of Dr. Robert Hanson, Professor-emeritus of San Diego State University. Motivated teens in good standing with their parents, schools and communities may qualify for a 50 percent scholarship.

Columbia Gorge Teen Camps also has camps for photography, windsurfing and high adventure. For more information, visit, or call Jan Mayer, camp director, 801-679-9099.

Jeff Blumenfeld is the founder, publisher and editor of Expedition News, a monthly review of significant expeditions, research projects and newsworthy adventures. It is distributed online and by mail to media representatives, corporate sponsors, educators, research librarians, environmentalists and outdoor enthusiasts.

This piece is used with permission of Expedition News.

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Surafel Abeel February 21, 2013 Reply

I did the 2012 Colombia Gorge Teen Camp and it was amazing! It was a ten day camp but it felt much shorter because I was having such a good time. The food was delicious and I was never hungry (which is really good for a teenage guy). I really liked all the activities we did, especially the river rafting. Thanks campers and staff for being so nice and helping me to have a great camping experience.

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