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We’ve been fans of Elemental Herbs products ever since the company’s Green Goop balm helped heal Wendy’s toes when she suffered tolio during a rafting trip. For a few months we’ve been testing All Good SPF 33 Sport Sunscreen from Elemental Herbs, and we were impressed enough that we’ll definitely pack it (plus some Green Goop) for our next rafting trip and other trips coming up on the calendar.

One great benefit of the All Good Sport Sunscreen is that it’s especially easy on your skin. We have a parent who is allergic to parabens, and he can use this product because it’s paraben-free. Not only that, but it’s also hypoallergenic, gluten-free, vegan, PABA-free and 100-percent GMO-free (meaning it has no genetically modified organisms). Heck, it’s even certified organic and biodegradable. No doubt, this product is designed to impact your body and the environment as little as possible. But none of that matters unless the stuff also blocks the sun effectively. After months of testing, we found that it does an exceptional job of preventing sunburn, and overall we only had a couple of minor quibbles with the product.

Here are details on what we thought about the Sport Sunscreen…

It’s effective in preventing burnsAllGood_Sunscreen_Sport__38031.1406785653.1280.1280-001

Designed to block UVA rays as well as UVB rays, the All Good Sport Sunscreen has 22.5 percent zinc oxide as its active ingredient. That’s good, because the mineral zinc is very effective in blocking the sun’s rays. Many sunscreens include 5 percent to 20 percent zinc, so this product has a pretty high percentage. While that provides added protection, the downside is that you have to really rub it in to prevent looking like a ghost, and some of our testers felt that their skin looked a bit pale after applying the sunscreen. But when you’re outdoors, protection is more important than appearance, so we’re willing to live with that.

The bottom line is that the sun-blocking ingredient really works. We asked various members of our testing team to try the SPF 33 Sport Sunscreen while hiking, kayaking, exercising outdoors and while simply sitting in the bleachers during baseball and softball games. By all accounts, the Sport Sunscreen lives up to its SPF 33 rating, and we were fine when we applied more of it every two hours. Remember that no sunscreen you buy in a store will really protect you all day with one application, and you should goop on more every couple of hours.

It didn’t irritate our skin

None of our testers reported any rashes, itching or breakouts when they used this sunscreen. Granted we washed the stuff off at the end of the day, and it’s possible to have a breakout if you don’t wash your face each day when you’re working up a sweat on the dusty trail.

It doesn’t run easily when you sweat

One of our ultimate tests for this sunscreen was to wear it during bootcamp fitness classes when we were sweating buckets in hot, humid weather. To our delight, we didn’t feel that awful sting when your sunscreen runs into your eyes. Actually, this sunscreen adhered about as well as any we’ve tested. Keep in mind that sunscreen will become less effective if you spend enough time in water, or if you sweat long enough. Under new labeling rules, manufacturers can claim that sunscreen is water-resistant, but not waterproof.

You won’t smell like a pina colada

When you’re chilling at the beach it’s no big deal if your sunscreen makes you smell like a big coconut. But a strong fragrance can be annoying when you have to smell it everyday during prolonged travel. Fortunately, the All Good Sport Sunscreen has just a faint earthy smell, and it only bothered one of our testers to the point that it annoyed her slightly. She said the smell was noticeable when first applied but did fade after a few minutes.

The downsides…

We already mentioned how people might call you “pale face” if you don’t rub this stuff in really well. And there’s a chance you’ll turn your nose up at the product’s fragrance. But, those are really minor issues, and overall this is an excellent product.

Traveler’s Notebook

** All Good SPF 33 Sport Sunscreen is available in a travel-friendly 3-ounce bottle.

Retail price: $15.99

For more information: www.elementalherbs.com

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