Gear Review: Under Armour Micro G Assert IV

Our quest for the perfect fitness shoe began months ago, after we started doing bootcamp classes with Good Life Health & Fitness. We’ve discovered that it’s not easy to find agile footwear that can take a pounding from “spidermans” and box jumps. But Louis Gibson, owner of Good Life, says Under Armour’s Micro G Assert IV is one of the best shoes he’s ever used for interval circuit training and weight lifting.Micro G Asert

“They’re lightweight, but offer a phenomenal foundation,” says Gibson, who has worn the Micro G Assert IV 6 days a week for at least two months. He’s used this shoe while teaching bootcamp/interval circuit classes, and also while running, weight lifting and hiking.

Here’s what Gibson loves about these shoes…

Great support for dynamic moves

“You can be as athletic as you need to be in these shoes,” says Gibson, noting that the Micro G is extremely lightweight and delivers exceptional support. Weighing just 9.9 ounces, the shoe doesn’t weigh down Gibson when he springs upward for box jumps. Plus, it cushions his landing, thanks to a bed of foam running the length of the midsole. As he’s running and jumping, the shoe’s internal heel counter stabilizes his foot to prevent twisted ankles.

You still feel in touch with the ground

While the Micro G offers plenty of support, Gibson notes that the shoe still allows him to feel connected to any surface, so he doesn’t feel wobbly while doing movements like squats. “When you’re lifting, you want support, but you still want to feel in touch with the ground,” he says. Typically, Gibson uses a special insole for weight lifting, but he says he doesn’t need to wear it when he lifts in the Micro G.

You can run comfortably

The Micro G Asert IV is classified as a running shoe, and Gibson says it provides the support and cushioning he needs to run three to four miles on the road and trails. He says he’s not sure if he would run much farther in this shoe, but he adds that the Micro G is perfect for a bootcamp class, where you’ll run short distances.

This shoe keeps you cool

Bootcamp class often involves outdoor exercise in warm or hot temperatures. Fortunately, the Micro G has an upper made of mesh, so hot air escapes to keep feet cool. Also a foam liner conforms to the foot and prevents any uncomfortable pressure points.

It’s tough enough

“For as much as I’ve used these, they’ve held up really well,” says Gibson. Usually, bootcamp movements will wear out the toe area of a shoe, because they get scraped across artificial turf, asphalt and concrete. After wearing his Under Armour shoes two months, Gibson says the foam near the toe has compressed a bit, though the rubber toecap remains firmly in place.

A note on the general fit…

These shoes, like many Under Armour models, best fit medium-volume to large-volume feet. Gibson notes that he has large-volume feet, and the Micro G fits really well. “They’re snug but not tight,” he says, “and I have plenty of room for adjustment.”

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