Let’s Turn On Our Headlamps & Dance Like Monsters


We never really thought about it before, but a headlamp might be the ultimate piece of gear for parenting. As our friend Sarah Napier Bailey recently shared on Facebook, a headlamp is helpful in all sorts of situations—especially when your son decides it’s time to turn out the lights and dance like monsters.

Here’s what Sarah shared…

Yesterday was just a day where nothing went right. My kids wouldn’t get dressed, we were late to schools (plural), I was late to work at an event, I left my purse at home (so no lunch money), and the entire day just felt off, except for spending time with a beloved friend at the event.

My world was balanced when my son turned out the lights while I was trying to start a load of dishes. Suddenly, it was pitch black in our house. He turned on his headlamp and brought mine over, and we washed dishes while being red-eyed monsters. We even turned off the lights in the bathroom where Mary was bathing and danced around like monsters, much to her delight.

Seriously, I have found uses for my camping headlamps in EVERY stage of parenting. I don’t travel without them. (They are great in hotel rooms when you want to find things without waking everyone.) Often, I have felt this would be a perfect gift for new parents, but figure I’m an oddball about headlamps (and many, many other possessions).

It’s the little things and moments in life.

Sarah is the proud Mom of Mary and John, and the owner of Acorn Treasures in Huntsville, Ala.

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