Multi-function Sport Trailers & Pop-Up Tents

Road trips can be a lot of fun and offer a certain flexibility compared to other forms of travel. I always think, “I have my car and I can bring whatever I want!” But after I load it up with luggage, tents, coolers and other outdoor toys, I realize my car is stuffed to capacity and I can barely see out more than one window. Now I have my eye on a multi-function sport trailer that can be hauled by a variety of vehicles, from a Subaru to a truck or SUV.

On the scene for just a few years, these mini trailers are lightweight gear haulers meant to schlep human-powered gear, like camping and sport equipment, kayaks, bikes and even ATVs. Some also have pop-up tents incorporated into the design for sleeping quarters.

Sylvan Sport

An early pioneer of the concept, Sylvan Sport’s GO trailer is the Transformer of sport trailers, converting from a sleek gear hauler to comfy sleeping accommodations with a pop-up tent set-up. It’s partnered with a variety of other outdoor companies to provide quality amenities, like Kelty tent components and Pacific Outdoor Equipment air mattresses. With an all-aluminum frame, it weighs less than 850 pounds and, according to the company, can be pulled by even the smallest cars. The GO trailer with Adventure Accessory Package (includes tent, mattresses, tables, etc.) is $7,995.

GO Trailer

Road Warrior Sports

Debuting in 2012, Road Warrior Sports’ new Atlas 8 trailer has an aerodynamic design and two compartments to organize a variety of gear from coolers and sports equipment to bikes or boats using optional roof racks. Weighing in at 550 pounds when empty, it’s easy to reposition the trailer by hand and without hooking it up to a vehicle. It has a molded fiberglass body on an aluminum frame, and can be color-matched to your car’s paint or wrapped in custom designs. It retails for $5,695.

Atlas 8 Trailer

Let’s Go Aero

Let’s Go Aero has two different gear haulers in its arsenal: the GearWagon 125 Camper and the newer LittleGiant TreeHaus Camper. The GearWagon 125 is a bit of a plain Jane with a domed shell and a heavy-duty pop-up tent made of marine fabric. Fill it to the brim with gear, rig it to have two levels – storage underneath with a sleeping palette on top – or convert it to carry an ATV. It costs $4,988. The LittleGiant TreeHaus Camper is a utility trailer with a snazzier foldout tent when you’re ready to set up camp. The GearWagon is priced at $4,988 and the LittleGiant is $2,995.

GearWagon 125

LittleGiant TreeHaus Camper

Cricket Trailers

And for something a little different: The Cricket trailer is a lightweight, athletic camping machine – much smaller than an RV but larger than the other towable trailers mentioned, it’s still light enough to tow with a variety of cars. Created by an architect and designer formerly with NASA, the Cricket can accommodate two buddies or a family of four with sleeping area, cabinetry, sink and water tanks. Extra add-on options are available like a portable toilet, handshower, refrigerator, AC unit, water heater and more. Its base price is $10,000, but add-on options can increase it to $17,000.

Cricket Trailer

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