Need a Chuckle? Map Pinpoints ‘Vaguely Rude Names of the World’


Maps have a way of drawing us in. On road trips and during travel prep, we’ve been known to study them for hours, wondering how a town popped up seemingly in the middle of nowhere or happened to acquire an unusual name. Gary Gale has taken the obsession in a different direction and developed the interactive “Vaguely Rude Names of the World” map.

As you can guess, and NBC News noted in a recent article, Gale provides “a humorous global atlas of places that share their names with body parts, bodily functions and intimate activities you can do by yourself or with friends.”

Case in point: Shag Point, New Zealand; Hooker, Oklahoma; Bum, Sierra Leone; and Climax, Colorado, to name just a few of those pinned.

Turning a childhood passion with maps into a career in geography and cartography, Gale had tracked quirky place names over the years and decided to create a map of naughtier ones based on a friend’s offhand suggestion.

The results have been online since early February and have already generated more than 660,000 unique visits. Check it out by clicking here.

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