A Look At The Latest Adventure Travel Gear & Clothing

Adventure travel products are becoming more prominent at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market trade show, where gear and clothing companies display their latest creations. That’s no surprise when you consider the growth of the adventure travel industry, which we reported on recently. (Click here to read, “Study Values Adventure Travel Tourism at $263 billion”) Here are several things that caught our attention at the 2013 Summer Market show….


Sea to Summit — Aeros Pillow Collection

STSPillowAfter having inflatable Aeros pillows in our hands, we were struck by how comfortable they seemed and how the construction was superior to most pillows on the market. Sea to Summit has created three styles—traditional, Ultralight and Premium—and each has a new type of air valve invented by Sea to Summit. This valve allows you to easily remove air for tailored comfort, plus it’s sleek and allows the pillows to be lightweight (2 ounces to 2.8 ounces), and very compact when deflated and folded. Also, Aeron pillows are covered with a very soft fabric that will prevent your head or face from getting sweaty and hot. Retail price $35 – 45.


Osprey — Ozone Convertible

Osprey OzoneOsprey makes exceptional packs (it’s our go-to brand for backpacking), and they’ve brought their design expertise to new lightweight, durable Ozone Convertible travel packs. Available in 22-inch and and 28-inch styles, Ozone models have integrated zip-off daypacks, plus shoulder harnesses and hipbelts that can be stowed or removed. We like that the main bag harness is adjustable to fit different torso sizes. Also, Osprey didn’t load the main bag with unnecessary bells and whistles, but focused on organization and convenience. For example, there’s a zippered top pocket for toiletries and liquids, so you can remove them quickly while going through airport security. Also, the 15-liter zip-off daypack has plenty of internal organization pocket, plus laptop and tablet sleeves. 
Retail price: 22-inch, $299; 28-inch $329


Columbia — Global Adventure Shirt

Global Adventure Short Sleeve - Spring 14Because the Global Adventure Shirt is selling so well, Columbia will introduce several new colors and styles (including more women’s models) in 2014.  The shirt is made of a comfortable and stretchy polyester fabric that includes OmniWick EVAP technology to wick moisture and Omni-Shield, which will prevent stains and prevent you from getting soaked in a light rain. Also, the fabric offers UPF 50 protection from the sun. There are new short-sleeve styles as well as styles with roll-up sleeves, and they include a zippered security pocket. Retail price: $70


SteriPen — Ultra Water Purifier

SteriPenUsing ultraviolet light, the SteriPen, kills bacteria and protozoan in 32 ounces untreated water in 90 seconds. This device has been refined over the years, and the Ultra is the most user-friendly version we’ve seen. It’s lightweight at 5 ounces, and measures about 7 inches long. We really like that you no longer have to interpret a series of lights to know when water is treated, because a smiley face appears on the LED display to let you know the water is good to go. Also, it has a rechargeable battery with a USB port, so you can charge it with a laptop, solar charger, wall outlet or car charging port.  SteriPen has also made this unit extra durable for rough travel, and the UV lamp lasts up to 8,000 treatments, which is about 3 liters a day for seven years. Retail price: $99.95.

Adventure Medical Kits — Smart Travel Kit

AMKWe love medical kits that don’t have us fumbling through unnecessary items. The Smart Travel Kit from AMK is pretty compact, it includes treatments for common travel ailments, and it can supply a couple of people for many days. The contents include supplies to treat blisters, stomach problems, dehydration, pain, fever, wounds and minor to moderate injuries. You can find the items quickly, because they’re tucked into pockets labeled for specific types of injuries, booklets provide treatment advice, including tips on “When to Worry.” Also, the supplies are high-quality, including hospital-grade scissors and precision forceps. Retail price: $50.



Mountain Hardwear — CoolHiker T-Shirt

MH Hiker ShirtThe Mountain Hardwear CoolHiker is made to feel like cotton, but this synthetic shirt is constructed to not only feel soft, but also wick moisture and keep you cool. It’s outfitted with Cool.Q ZERO technology—basically tiny circles in the fabric that have a sweat-activated cooling agent that minimizes the build-up of heat. We’ve been testing apparel with this technology, and we’ve had decent results, so we’re looking forward to trying it in a well-constructed hiking shirt. Retail price: $45


Scrubba — Wash Bag

Scrubba030413_102_-_deep_etched_1024x1024We love this clever invention that allows you to clean your clothes when you’re traveling. It’s handy if you don’t have laundry services, or if you don’t want to wash your clothes in a sink, and it weighs only about 6 ounces. The key to the Scrubba is a built-in, flexible washboard of plastic nubbins that help work dirt out of your clothes. You just toss clothes in the bag with detergent, secure a roll-top closure, press a valve to release air, and start scrubbing. You repeat the process without detergent for a rinse cycle, and you’re done. The process takes about 5 minutes and supposedly gives you a machine-quality wash. Retail price: $64.95

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