New Year’s Resolution: Exercise While Traveling


This past summer, Wendy and I began new exercise and meal programs to lose weight and improve our general fitness levels. I’ve been doing boot-camp style workouts with GoodLife Body Camp, while Wendy works with a personal trainer at the local university fitness center.

We’ve been happy with the results, but for the New Year we’ve resolved to address one area where we’ve slacked off — we’d like to work harder to exercise while traveling. We don’t want to lose all of our fitness gains simply because we’re on the road and staying in hotel rooms or campgrounds.

Louis Gibson, founder and CEO of GoodLife Body Camp, shared a few tips for exercising on the road, as well as a sample set of workouts for travelers (see below).

3 Tips for Travelers

1. Have the right mindset

“First, it’s important to make sure that you intend to workout while you’re away from home,” says Gibson. “Don’t leave with the mentality that, just because your gym or trainer isn’t going to be around, you won’t be able to get in your workout. Make it a part of your travel itinerary, and know that it’ll make you feel better about getting back into your regular routine when you get back home!”

2. Be prepared

“It’s always a huge help and motivation to plan for your health and fitness priorities before leaving for your trip,” says Gibson. “Make it a part of your travel itinerary, and know that it’ll make you feel better about getting back into your regular routine when you get back home.”

He says travelers must anticipate the conditions they’ll face while away from home. Will equipment be available? Will there be an exercise facility? If you won’t have access to equipment, you can plan bodyweight exercises and maybe pack a resistance band or other lightweight gear. “If you pre-pack and organize for your trip, once you get there, all you’ll have to do is get to work,” he says. Also, if you make a plan, you’ll have an easier time keeping up with proper nutrition.

3. Be creative

“Even if you don’t have your normal workout environment, there are things all around you that can help you get an awesome workout,” says Gibson. Try using available objects — chairs for dips, tables for incline dips and mountain climbers, the stairwell in a building for cardio and step-ups, the parking lot of your hotel for a run or sprints, a phone book or computer bag for weighted ab work. “Use your imagination,” he says. “Don’t change the lifestyle you love just because you’re on the road.”

Good Sources for Travel Workouts

One benefit of working with coaches and personal trainers is that they can provide you with customized workouts for the road. Below are several workouts that Gibson provided me for a week’s worth of travel. This will give you an idea of what’s possible.

Also, websites such as offer workouts that require minimal equipment. For example, at least three “Travel” workouts on incorporate items you typically find in a hotel room. If you have a resistance band, you can do the “Tubing Anywhere” routine. Plus, there are Pilates routines that require no equipment. If you do have access to equipment, you can choose from dozens of routines on the site, including 4-day split routines, workouts that target the core and abs, and “Bootcamp Challenge” routines.

Fitness Builder1

In the coming weeks, look for additional fitness posts, including tips for boot-camp workout beginners, and nutrition tips to maximize the effectiveness of your exercise.

Here’s a sample workout routine…

GoodLife Health and Fitness

“Workouts…On the Go!!”


Workout #1

“Body Weight”

Stretch/warm up

1. Push-ups

2. Jumping lunges

3. Squat jumps

4. Sit-ups

5. Dips – use a chair!

6. V-ups

10 sets of 10 reps!!

Kill it!

Cool down

Workout #2

“Ab Day!!”

Stretch/warm up

Knock this out!

20 Crunches

20 Mountain climbers

15 Side sit-ups (right)

15 Side sit-ups (left)

20 Half burpees

20 Pilates twists

20 Touch jumps

15 V-ups

15 Squat jumps

— Pyramid – From 10 down

1. Band standing shoulder press (squat press without the squat)

2. Curls

3. Push-ups

4. Bicycles

Cool down!

Workout #3

“You’ve Got This!!”

Stretch/warm up

1. Dips – 20 reps

Bunnie hops – 30 seconds

2. Decline push-ups  – 12 reps

Half burpees – 30 seconds

3. Body weight Lunges  – 20 (10 each leg)

Mountain climbers – 30 seconds

4. Incline push-ups – 12

Bicycles – 30 seconds

5. Close grip push-ups – 15

Pilate twists – 30 seconds

3X’s through this circuit !!

You can do it!!

Cool down!

Workout #4

“Great Wall of China This Hurts”

Stretch/warm up

1. Wall sits – 30 seconds

Squat jumps – 15


2. Pulsating lunges – 20 each leg

Jumping lunges – 20 seconds


3. Inch worms – 20

One-arm push-ups – 10 each


4. Burpees – 20

Dips 20


Jog 5 minutes if you have the space

Then stretch really well!

Workout #5

“Come on Home”

Stretch/warm up

1. Incline push-ups

2. Sit-ups

3. Seated rows (resistance band)

4. Toe touches

5. Flares/toe taps

6. Squat press

— 6 sets of 10 — get it in!

Plank to hands – 30 seconds

6-inch hold – 30 seconds

Side plank (right) – 30 seconds

Side plank (left) – 30 seconds

Sit-up twist – 20

Crunches – 30

Side sit-ups L and R – 20

Supermans – 20

Workout #6

“The McConaughey”

— set 1 —

1. Sit-up and twist – 20

2. Push-ups – 20

3. Toe touches – 20

4. Stretch sit-ups – 20 (L&R=1)

5. Dips – 20

6. Leg raises – 20 (feet together, start in 6″ hold, raise to directly vertical and lower back to start – under control, not a race!!)

7. Close grip push-ups – 10

8. Toe touch and jump – 15 (on your jump, be sure to reach up, stretching your abs!)


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