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Over the past several months we’ve been updating a hiking guidebook, and we’ve had to leave computers and other valuables in our truck at the trailhead while we hiked. Fortunately, we were able to secure everything in the Pacsafe 32-liter Ultimate Safe and hit the trail with peace of mind, knowing that our stuff was well protected.

Pacsafe specializes in making travel bags and accessories that prevent theft, and we’ve used several of their travel bags and daypacks over the years. For example, while traveling in southern Mexico, we used a bag to lock up electronics in our hotel room while we explored the area. Of all the items we’ve used, the 32-liter Ultimate Safe is one of our favorites because it’s so versatile and works well for all types of situations, from adventure travel to business trips.

Here’s what we liked about the pack….

It works great as a portable safeUltimate Safe1

The Ultimate Safe daypack includes a removable 20-liter bag that is lined with metal mesh and has an integrated metal cable. Whether this 20-liter bag is tucked into the daypack or being used on its own, it can be used as a safe for a computer, tablet, camera, money or other valuables.

Once you’ve placed your items in the bag, you wrap the metal cable around a fixed object, cinch down the opening of the bag, and then use the cable and a small lock to secure the bag shut.

While it’s difficult to describe this system in writing, it’s easy to deploy and works really well. When we hiked and left the Ultimate Safe in our vehicle at the trailhead, we secured the bag to the metal base of a car seat or a grab handle near the roof.

To further protect electronics, the Ultimate Safe also includes a padded sleeve that holds a 15-inch laptop and a tablet and fits inside the removable 20-liter bag.

You can protect your stuff while you’re en route

It’s so easy for a thief to snatch your bag as you’re dozing off while waiting in an airport or train station. But the Ultimate Safe has detachable shoulder straps that you can wrap around a fixed object and then re-attach to the bag and secure with a toggle lock. Basically, a thief can’t grab your bag and run.

Also, the zipper pulls for the main compartment and organizational compartment attach to security hooks that are tucked down into a little garage. Once you have secured these zipper pulls, a person standing behind you on a train can’t easily unzip a compartment and grab your valuables.

This versatile bag adapts to all types of travel

There were times that we didn’t need the padded sleeve or the bag lined with metal mesh, and we liked that we could remove them. This reduced the weight of the daypack (the removable safe is 1 pound, 9 ounces) and gave us more room to carry things as we explored around town or hiked on trails. For business trips, the organizational compartment has pockets for things like a phone, pens, small notebooks and business cards. There are also small side pockets for water bottles.

This is a comfortable pack that’s built well

As is the case with most Pacsafe products, the Ultimate Safe is built to last, with a durable nylon body, strong stitching and rugged buckles, straps and zippers. The pack is also comfortable, thanks to ample padding in the shoulder straps and back panel. Plus, the padded waist belt is fairly wide so it distributes weight and rides comfortably against your hips.

Traveler’s Notebook

Retail Price: $250

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