ParkVisitor Launches Rating System for National, State Parks

When most of us scour the Internet for a gift or good hotel, we look for consumer reviews, because there’s nothing like a personal recommendation.  Now, enables you to read similar types of reviews when researching state parks or U.S. national parks. assigns a score to each park based on visitor ratings, expert tips and social media buzz. When you click to see details about a park, you not only see the score and a general description, but also visitors’ comments and insider tips about visiting the park. Plus, there’s a “Community” section with links to park info and reviews on Google Maps, Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Foursquare, Youtube and The Weather Channel. The whole idea is to provide lots of personal input concerning the quality of a park and what it has to offer.

You can search for a park by city, state and zip code, and also search by activity. Click “What to Do” at the top of the ParkVisitor home page and you’ll see icons for things like biking, hiking, fishing and watersports. Once you click the icon, you can find specific parks where you can enjoy the activity.

Click “Insider Tips” on the home page and you’ll find brief pieces of advice from park experts and travel experts, including our team at The Adventure Post.

Also, The Adventure Post is now contributing to ParkVisitor blog, where you’ll find more tips on specific destinations, as well as general advice on ways to enjoy the great outdoors.

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