Prince Harry & Wounded Vets Train in Cold Chamber for South Pole Trek

HarryCold Chamber1

Prince Harry and four wounded British service members spent about 20 hours in a giant freezer on September 17 to train for a South Pole expedition in November.

The trip to MIRA’s environmental test chamber in Nuneaton was part of a 24-hour training exercise for the Walking With The Wounded South Pole Allied Challenge, which aims to highlight the extraordinary courage and determination of the men and women who have been wounded in military service. Prince Harry worked with the other members of Team Glenfiddich to test equipment and experience the extreme conditions they will encounter.

“Dressed in his cold weather gear, Harry had to practice putting up his tent, eating, sleeping – and even going to the toilet – all while learning how to avoid frost-bite in the inhospitable Antarctic climate,” reported the UK’s Daily Mail.

HarryCold Chamber2

“The team members were also given a cross trainer each in order to recreate the sheer physical exertion they will face pulling their pulks across the barred Antarctic landscape. This involved them skiing for two hours at a time, with a break for 10 minutes, over and over again for 12 hours solid,” according to the Daily Mail.

The test comes two months ahead of a race to the South Pole, when Harry will join three teams of wounded servicemen and women in November and December. Harry and his teammates, who all have either physical or cognitive injuries sustained in the line of duty, will cover more than 200 miles in total.

The November expedition won’t be Prince Harry’s first experience in supporting wounded veterans. He was also Patron of the Walking with the Wounded trek to the North Pole in 2011 and the Everest Expedition in 2012.

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