Rickshaw Adventurers Promote Education


Two U.K. teachers are driving a tuk tuk around the world to promote education. So far two 28-year-olds, Nick Gough and Richard Sears, have dragged the three-wheeled machine through Europe, down Africa and across Asia and at press time find themselves in Ecuador, the 36th country visited. Driving a motorized version of the traditional pulled rickshaw or cycle rickshaw, they have tackled deserts and jungles, pushing the tuk tuk for hundreds of miles through deep sand and thick mud.

They survived close encounters with elephants in Uganda and Botswana, and an accident in Malaysia when a truck plowed into the back of them. The greatest toll on the tuk tuk has been the mountain ranges lying in their path, including the Alps, the Himalayas and the Andes.

Some 1,200-miles from now, Nick and Rich’s expedition, titled Tuk Tuk Travels, will have surpassed the current world record for “the longest distance traveled in an auto-rickshaw.” Their primary goal has been to increase the awareness of the importance of quality global education while highlighting different inspirational, grassroots education projects that can be supported through their charity, The Tuk Tuk Educational Trust.

Sponsors include Cardiff University, DSV and Macmillan Education. For more information and a look at their Ted Talk, log onto: www.tuktuktravels.com

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