Sea to Summit Comfort Light Mat

We’re not sure exactly when it happened, but at some point sleeping on the ground became much more uncomfortable. In our younger days, we could lie on a pile of rocks and sleep through the night with hardly a stir. But nowadays, our hips get sore much more easily, and an inadequate sleeping pad will have us tossing and turning.

Fortunately, we’ve found Sea To Summit’s Comfort Light mat. During a weeklong backpacking trip in the Sierras, this pad worked wonderfully and completely prevented aches and pains. Here are a few things we liked about the Comfort Light…

It provides excellent comfort and support Comfort Light-001

This mat is so comfortable because two layers of cells in the torso provide a great balance of support and cushioning. Our testers who are side sleepers said they never felt the hard ground digging into their hips while camping in the backcountry. While the pad is supportive, it still feels soft and not at all stiff. Across the torso area, small air chambers positioned close to each other support you without creating the pressure points you sometimes feel when sleeping on a pad with a completely level surface.

You won’t slide off this pad easily

Those of us with wide shoulders really appreciate that this pad is 21.5 inches wide, which is a little more generous that many pads we’ve tested. It’s nice when you can shift during the night without rolling off the pad. As we get older, we’ve found ourselves packing in wider, more generous pads, as we’re willing to haul a little bit more weight to ensure a good night’s sleep.

It’s still lightweight for the level of comfort

Weighing 16 ounces (size Regular), this isn’t the most featherweight pad on the market, but it’s still very lightweight considering the level of cushioning it provides. To reduce weight and bulk, Sea to Summit placed just a single layer of cells in the head and leg areas. When we were camping, we actually didn’t even notice the variation in cells throughout the pad.

It’s super easy to inflate and deflate

Have you ever gotten lightheaded while inflating a sleeping pad? Yeah, us too. Well, that’s not an issue with the Comfort Light, thanks to a special inflation valve that allows in lots of air with every puff. Plus, it’s a one-way valve, so no air will escape as you’re inflating the pad. The valve also has a second flap you can pull to release all the air rapidly. So, you don’t have to roll and press the pad continuously to squeeze out air. In less than a minute, you can deflate the pad, fold it and roll it up.

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Retail price: $139.95-$159.95

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