Sierra Designs Mobile Mummy 800 Sleeping Bag


Over the past couple of years Sierra Designs has gone through a revolution as the company has overhauled its product line and introduced some of the best gear we’ve seen from the company in many years. Over all, we get a sense that the brand has enjoyed an infusion of fresh energy.

A good example is the Mobile Mummy 800, which functions as a sleeping bag as well as an insulated garment. Over the course of several weeks this fall, we used the Mobile Mummy while camping in the mountains of Georgia and really enjoyed the convenience and comfort that the bag provides.

Here’s what we liked about the bag…

You can use your arms to eat, read, etc. while wearing itMobileMummy2

The key to the Mobile Mummy is that you can slip your arms through openings to eat, read or play cards without leaving the warmth and comfort of your bag. To block out cold drafts, the openings have overlapping insulated flaps rather than zippers. As a result, you can slip your arms through easily without contorting yourself to reach a zipper pull. As we were camping, we really liked that we could sit up and read right before bed, and just put down a book and slide our arms into the bag to go to sleep. No wardrobe changes required.

Another important aspect of the design is the jacket-style hood. Because it fits snug around your face, it prevents drafts. Also, we tend to sleep on our sides, and when we rolled over the hood stayed in place, and we didn’t wind up with our face shoved into a hood compartment.

You can walk while you’re in the bagMobileMummy3

On cold mornings, we dread crawling out of a warm sleeping bag. But the Mobile Mummy allows you to free your legs, walk around (and make coffee!) without removing the top portion of the bag. While most sleeping bags have a main zipper on the side, the Mobile Mummy has a two-way zipper running down the center of the bag. This allows you to raise the zipper from the bottom, slip your feet out and then stow the foot box with toggles. You can also use this system to answer the call of nature in the night without completely slipping out of your bag. While we did this a couple of times, we found that we didn’t like to mess with the foot box when we were half asleep, and thought it was easier to get out of the bag for a few minutes.

The bag is warm, lightweight and compact

The Mobile Mummy we tested is rated to keep you comfortably warm between 29 and 39 degrees Fahrenheit. Overall, the rating seemed pretty accurate, but bag temperature ratings are hard to test because many factors determine a person’s comfort inside a sleeping bag. (Does the person tend to sleep cold or warm? Did the person have a hot drink right before going to sleep?) We had a tester who considers himself a human furnace and one who tends to be more cold, and we found that the bag was a little cool when temperatures were below freezing. (If you’re wondering, we didn’t really notice drafts coming in through the arm slots.) To stay completely warm on the coldest nights, we wore socks or a combination of socks and long underwear. All things considered, we felt that the bag did a good job of keeping us comfortable, especially considering that it’s pretty lightweight and compact. Made with 800-fill down, the Mobile Mummy weighs just 1 pound, 13 ounces and compresses down to the size of a football.

It’s filled with water-resistant DriDown

Down insulation is typically more lightweight and compressible that synthetic insulation. However, if traditional down gets wet it loses its ability to keep you warm, and a wet down doesn’t dry easily. Fortunately, companies have introduced new types of down that are lightweight, compressible and water-resistant. Because the Mobile Mummy is made with Sierra Designs’ DriDown, you don’t have to worry as much about protecting it from moisture, and the bag is more likely to dry out if it gets wet. From our experience, if you spend several days in rainy conditions, just about everything you’re carrying gets wet, so DriDown is a big plus.

Traveler’s Notebook

Retail price: $329.95

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