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Kayaking from Cuba to Key West

Oru Kayak, maker of the origami-inspired folding kayak, is leading an attempt at completing a solo kayak passage from Cuba to Key West. Read More

Expert Advice on Thru-Hiking Alabama’s Pinhoti Trail

Stretching 171 miles across Alabama, the the Pinhoti Trail serves a great testing ground for those interested in thru-hiking extremely long trails like the AT and PCT. Read More

Hot Stuff! Hot Sauce Designed for Adventure

The company de Mars LLC is working with a local Seattle factory to produce Expedition Sauce, a hot sauce in a 3-ounce aluminum tube that's suitable for extreme travel. Read More

Part 4: Planning an Appalachian Trail Thru-Hike – Logistics

The fourth installment in our series on thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail focuses on logistical planning, including a day-by-day trail itinerary for download. Read More

Exhibit Reveals Previously Unseen Shackleton Expedition Photos

One of the greatest photographic records of human survival is on display in a new exhibit at the Royal Geographical Society in London through Feb. 28, 2016. Read More

Part 3 in our series on planning an Appalachian Trail thru-hike focuses on everybody's favorite topic: choosing the right gear. Read More

Flying from the U.S. to Cuba Just Got Easier

While U.S. citizens still can't travel to Cuba purely as tourists, they're now allowed to take commercial flights to Cuba, rather than just charter flights. Read More

The second in a multi-part series on planning a thru-hike of the 2,180-mile Appalachian Trail, focuses on budgeting, including on- and off-trail expenses, transportation, and the occasional unexpected surprise. Read More

Part 1: Planning an Appalachian Trail Thru-Hike

The first in a multi-part series on planning an thru-hike of the 2,180-mile Appalachian Trail, including tips on finances, gear and logistics, as well as mental and physical preparation. Read More

A Taste of the Smoky Mountains

Work up an appetite with these classic day hikes, and then feast on Gatlinburg’s finest food and drinks. Read More