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On a Mission: Exploring California’s El Camino Real

Over the course of 12 months, travel writer Maggie Espinosa covered 800 miles and hiked the length of California to visit 21 Spanish missions. Read More

AT Stewards Prep for ‘A Walk in the Woods’

The Appalachian Trail Conservancy is prepping to deal with an surge of hikers following the release of ‘A Walk in the Woods’ this week. Read More

Dreaming of Deep Blue & Great White Shark Dives

Recent footage of Deep Blue, a 20-foot Great White Shark filmed off of Mexico, inspired us to once again share details on cage dives. Read More

Namibia Basics: Where to Stay and Eat

A second visit to Namibia gave Don Mankin a closer look at some of the country's great places to stay and enjoy a good meal. Read More

Increasing Diversity In Our Wild Spaces

The documentary film "Diversity and Inclusion In Our Wild Spaces" emphasizes that the National Parks are for everyone, and all are welcome. Read More

Rewilding: Can Nature Help A Former Inmate Rejoin Society?

The documentary film "Rewilding" follows Anthony DeJesus as he leaves jail and participates in outdoor activities to transition back into society. Read More

5 Georgia Hikes With Great Views

Here are five Georgia trails where you can enjoy spectacular views of canyons, cityscapes, waterfalls and rolling ridges. Read More

Omaha Beach: Hold Back Your Tears and Keep Silent

On a visit to the American Cemetery in Colleville, France, I had the honor to talk with a veteran of the invasion. Read More

Find a National Trails Day Event Near You

National Trails Day will include stewardship projects, gear demonstrations and guided adventures on trails across the country. Read More

Celebrating the 15th Anniversary of Geocaching

On May 2, 2000, the U.S. government ended its policy of scrambling the signals of 24 satellites, which gave birth to geocaching. Read More