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Grand Canyon Rafting: 6 Side Hikes

Six great side hikes for a multi-week Grand Canyon rafting trip

Grand Canyon Rafting: 6 Side Hikes

Whether you join a private rafting trip in the Grand Canyon, or go with a commercial outfitter, you’ll likely leave the boat occasionally to explore side canyons and nearby bluffs. Read More

The Top 5 Ways to Ward Off Ticks

Experts say the ticks are bad this year, so follow these 5 tips on preventing bites.Read More

Electric Bikes Gain Momentum

In the U.S., sales have increased for electric bikes, or “e-bikes,” which use battery powered motors to provide mechanical assistance when a rider cranks the pedals.Read More

Top Tips on Spring Cleaning Your Gear

If you properly clean and store your gear, you can prevent it from degrading or becoming a Petri dish of nasty stuff when it's stored over the winter.Read More

Kayaking from Cuba to Key West

Oru Kayak, maker of the origami-inspired folding kayak, is leading an attempt at completing a solo kayak passage from Cuba to Key West.Read More

Expert Advice on Thru-Hiking Alabama’s Pinhoti Trail

Stretching 171 miles across Alabama, the the Pinhoti Trail serves a great testing ground for those interested in thru-hiking extremely long trails like the AT and PCT. Read More