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Giving Back: From Africa With Love

TAP contributor James Mills reflects on his journey to Africa, setting up climbing routes for philanthropic donors and visiting a hospital that’s restoring the sight of those afflicted with cataracts.







Columbia Gorge Teen Camps: Climbing Campers Wanted

Columbia Gorge Teen Camps in Oregon offer instruction and hands-on training in climbing, mountaineering, high adventure and more.


Rafting the Grand Canyon Can Change Your Life

When he’s not practicing law or writing, Jim Moss works as a river guide for commercial whitewater rafting companies and reflects on the joy of sharing the Grand Canyon’s beauty with fellow travelers.







Picture This: The Canals of Venice, Italy

Situated in northeast Italy, Venice is a group of 118 small islands separated by canals and linked by bridges – making it easy to understand why it’s developed numerous titles, including “The Floating City” and “City of Bridges.”


Climbing Mount Elbert, Colorado’s Forgotten King

Freelance writer James Dziezynski sheds light on the reigning king of Colorado 14,000-foot peaks – Mount Elbert – with its easy-to-access trailheads and a classic Colorado ascent.








Picture This: Eric Scully Climbing Goosehead in Arizona

Need inspiration on places to explore and stoke your travel dreams? Get the inside story behind this week’s photo of climber Eric Scully’s return to the rock.


A Perfect Day on Dominica, the Caribbean’s ‘Nature’ Island

Drawn in by the promise of adventure, relaxation and friendly people, Joe Cooper shares why Dominica is an ideal Caribbean getaway.



Learning to Surf in Laidback Raglan, New Zealand

Writer Jenna Blumenfeld offers perspective on why expert and novice surfers alike make the pilgrimage to Raglan to surf at Manu Bay (made famous in the 1966 surf film, “Endless Summer”) and Ngarunui Beach, a seemingly endless stretch of sand.


Japan, Part 1: Visiting Tokyo’s Imperial Palace

Writer Karin Gallagher takes us on a trip of a lifetime in Japan, sharing insights in a special four-part series on a world that is steeped in tradition but also embraces modern, cutting-edge trends.



Sowing Seeds of Adventure in a New Generation

Avid hiker and backpacker Andy Somers carries on a family tradition of adventure by taking his young daughter hiking for the first time in the Appalachian mountain range.


A Kayak Journey to the Secluded Beaches of Cumberland Island

Explore Cumberland Island in Georgia by kayak with Tom Woolf as he finds beautiful beaches, quiet solitude and plenty of wildlife, including sea turtles, dolphins and eagles.







Navigating Wisely Through Grizzly Territory

Do your homework before venturing into grizzly country to understand bear behavior and smartly prepare to minimize a negative encounter.







Exploring India: Delhi, Taj Mahal & Varanasi

The “Golden Triangle” of Delhi, Jaipur and Agra comprises India’s most famous historical sites and the doorway to countless adventures in a unique landscape.

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